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Legal Expertise on-demand

In the world today, everything is at your fingertips; food delivery, taxi-hailing, and even banking services. The question we have been asking ourselves at Centurion – why should legal services be any different?  

With this in mind, we created Centurion Plus to provide adaptable legal and advisory services, connecting you with experienced and specialised lawyers without the weight and expense of a traditional firm slowing down the breakneck speed of 21st Century business. 

Consider us your on-demand legal unit. Better still, think of us as a versatile auxiliary gear providing you with the comfort and security of our expert legal professionals at a fraction of the price. 

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How It Works

Flexible lawyers who understand your business needs



We will work closely with you to determine your service requirements and assign the appropriate relationship partner.


Source Best Candidate

Once we understand your needs, we will select suitable qualified advisers that meet your criteria.


Project Commences

With the relevant adviser confirmed, we kick start the project.


Regular Meetings and Follow ups

Our relationship partner will schedule regular meetings with you to ensure ongoing needs are met, and to provide opportunity for feedback and continued support.

And lastly,

Quality control and security are guaranteed

All our advisers are properly vetted and work within our standard operating framework that guarantees security and confidentiality.

Legal Services

Virtual or on-site, on call and on-demand
Connecting you with lawyers

Whether you have an in-house legal department or only need legal services on a project basis, Centurion Plus provides you with flexible working options.
We carter for scenarios such as:

  • Understaffed legal departments due to extended periods of leave or the need for rapid capacity expansion;
  • Temporary requirement of expertise for special projects; and
  • General on-demand legal services

Our talented team consists of lawyers from different backgrounds and with varying levels of experience – from former senior partners to junior lawyers.

Contracts and Negotiations

Corporate Law

Data Protection

Labour & Employment

Tax & Customs

Intellectual Property

Start-up and Tech

Banking & Finance

Why Us

Redefining Legal Services

Clients have requested not only legal expertise but adaptable, tech-savvy lawyers that can incorporate into in-house teams quickly and effectively. As such, Centurion Plus on-demand lawyers service makes sense now more than ever.

We embrace NewLaw legal services that utilise innovative and client-focused delivery methods. This model is now accessible in Europe through Centurion Plus. Our pool of carefully vetted, on-demand lawyers are on call to: 

  • Administer and govern your projects on short notice; 
  • Amplify your staffing shortfalls; 
  • Provide project-specific expertise to your team; 
  • Augment or serve as your in-house counsel. 

We will help you build a customised team from our pool of industry-specific, specialised and skilled lawyers and business advisors. They will promptly attend to your legal matter more cost-effectively than with full-time legal representation.

You control costs! You pay for actual service and our advisers are not under pressure to meet billable hours quotas. Their priority is to provide effective and efficient service.

You gain efficiency: Your team’s sole responsibility will be the specific instruction you assign them with, which ergo allows them to operate with minimal interruptions and complete projects in a timely manner. Meanwhile, your staff is freed to focus on other pressing projects.

With Centurion’s flexible model, not only do you handpick the lawyers who will work on your projects, but those lawyers answer directly to you. Your priorities are their priorities.

When your team comes from different cultures, faiths, nations, genders and ethnicities, they won’t all see the world in the same way.

At Centurion Plus we believe that a diverse team offers wider perspectives, increased creativity, problem-solving and swift decision making. In short, it boosts our joint intellectual potential which results in better ideas for our business and for our clients.

Creating a diverse team and working environment is one of our core values that guides many of our processes and decisions.

Centurion Plus Team

We are here for you

The management team consists of lawyers, business and marketing professionals tasked with, overseeing the effective implementation of the Centurion Plus model in Europe. 

Let’s work together!

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We connect you with the legal expertise and talent that you need, when and where you need it.

Our flexible and cost-effective service brings together a team of experienced German and European lawyers for any deal on a project basis.