Whether you are a start-up, a SME or a large corporation Centurion Plus can support you to resolve all you company’s legal questions with the added benefit of flexibility and cost-efficiency. We connect you with the right legal advisor and take care of every legal, regulatory and administrative headache so that you are free to make the most of your business in the country.

While corporate law is our core focus, our flexible lawyers have a breadth of knowledge and experience that covers many other areas of the law. Here is a snapshot of what we do. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contracts and Negotiations

Regardless of the size and maturity of your enterprise, your commercial contracts are fundamental to the success of your business. Our commercial and business law flexible lawyers provide comprehensive, informed and practical advice to support your business objectives. Whether your business operates at a national or cross-border, we devise strategies to mitigate risk and maximise contract value.
Our on-demand service provides advice on commercial contracts and arrangements to support our clients' day to day and strategic business. We possess extensive experience drafting commercial contracts in areas including logistics, distribution, packaging and manufacturing and franchising, outsourcing and offshoring, e-commerce, licensing, advertising and sales promotion. Our flexible lawyers combine sector and technical knowledge and expertise with the ability to craft innovative contractual solutions.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Our pool of corporate lawyers have a wealth of experience having advised local and international clients in sectors such as technology and software, automotive, banks and financial institutions, investors and manufacturing on all corporate law issues, including company formation and due diligence.
Our team can advise clients on whichever corporate goal they have, such as mergers, reorganizations, asset purchases and joint ventures, strategic alliances, shareholder agreements, structural planning, and day-to-day corporate management. Our on-demand attorneys are particularly adept at helping clients structure their business to maximize the legal benefits available while staying fully compliant with regulatory laws.

Labour & Employment and Immigration

Our on-demand lawyers advise clients carrying out business in Germany on all matters relating to employment and labour law. With our extensive experience, our flexible lawyers assist on all employment law issues, including, preparing and reviewing employment contracts, strategic planning and advice, individual and union mediations and disputes, and the processing of work permits for foreign nationals.
In provision of immigration law services, we are largely driven by the needs of our clients who have interest in or are already operating in Germany. We also assist private clients looking to live and work in Germany such as investors, executives, pensioners, and students.

Data Protection

Our flexible lawyers advise clients from various industries on all aspects of data protection, privacy and managing data risk more generally.
As data privacy affects all areas of a business, our on-demand lawyers are always at the forefront of legal developments in Europe and beyond. Our data privacy practice is part of our multi-disciplinary cyber, risk and tech group. We provide clear, pragmatic and timely advice on all aspects of data privacy, from ad hoc GDPR compliance issues to complex data risk strategic advice.

Intellectual Property

Our flexible lawyers advise domestic and foreign clients including businesses, retailers, companies, developers and private individuals on all legal matters relating to the protection and defence of intellectual property rights, including copyright, advertising, patents and trademarks. We help our clients across Europe, Africa and the United States.
Our on-demand attorneys assist clients with protecting their business name and domain names, trademark and patent registration, product packaging and copyright infringements. Given our pool of lawyers have vast experience in this area, we also advise our clients on more complex issues arising from utility and design applications, enforcement and prosecution.

Tax & Customs

Germany enjoys a strategic geographical location, political stability and sustained growth of gross domestic product.
Cross-border business takes place against a complex and ever-evolving framework of international and domestic law and regulations. At Centurion Plus our flexible lawyers assist our clients to navigate this framework to maximise opportunities and manage the impact on international trade of your company’s goods and services.

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